Learning & Development

At M.J. Quinn Integrated Services we understand that ‘training combined with experience leads to competence’. We are committed to providing all members of staff with adequate training to complete their job to the highest standards that is expected by the Company. To attract and retain the best people, we recognise that we need to invest in their development and therefore we take training and development seriously. We have recently opened a training school in Knowsley for the Engineers, which is working really well and is starting them off on the right path with the Company.

Our system of regular work objectives and appraisals allows all members of staff to have regular meetings with their line Manager and any training requirements will be assessed as an outcome from these one-to-one discussions. We are working towards strengthening employee development plans, internal talent management and leadership development to ensure that we are best placed with the best people to lead the Company into the future for further growth and success.

We are committed to allowing people to develop and achieve their professional goals and to generate a successful and challenging career path within M.J. Quinn Integrated Services.

Training is carried out in an appropriate training environment by an internal or external trainer and your Line Manager will ensure the training is suitable for each employee and that it will add value to their department and benefit the personal development of each individual.