London Underground: Project Delivery



King’s Cross Station is a major interchange station serving the Northern Line, Piccadilly Line, Victoria Line and Metropolitan and Circle Lines. It also provides access to the main line Network Rail Kings Cross Station, Thameslink and Eurostar services from St Pancras station. 
The station underwent a major upgrade and redevelopment as part of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) works. This included extension of the existing tube ticket hall. King’s Cross Station Modernistaion includes major works to the Victoria, Northern and Piccadilly line with more minor works to some of the back of house areas of the Met and Circle line.The works included:
  • A major upgrade of the electrical and mechanical systems
  • New & refurbished ceilings
  • New wall finishes
  • New & refurbished floor finishes
  • New signage alterations
  • Upgrades to fire and Communication systems
Liverpool Street Station is one of the new underground stations proposed along the Crossrail network. The new station will be situated between the existing Moorgate and Liverpool Street LU stations. The construction of a new passageway to the new Crossrail Broadgate ticket hall will require the relocation of the existing switchroom and the existing Sprinkler Valve Chamber (SVC). In addition, the current passageway in front of the existing Station Control Facility (SCF) cannot accommodate the projected number of people at peak times and therefore the SCR has to be relocated.
The fire system enabling for Liverpool Street Crossrail project consisted of the relocation of the existing Station Operations  Room and Sprinkler Valve Chamber and the creation of Switch room E12. Which consisted of the installation of a new fire sprinkler control valve set in the new SVC including the re routing of the incoming distribution main pipe work. Reconfiguration of the suppression and detection systems to accommodate the new layout.