Everton FC: LED Lighting

The Blues Go Green

Alan Bowen, Head of Stadium Operations at Everton, recently carried out further carbon and energy saving audits as part of a constant drive to reduce cost and carbon while enhancing the facilities for the supporters and corporate sponsors. Alan explained that any project of this nature has major benefits to the club and the environment however, a fast pay back on the investment is very important.

M.J. Quinn’s Technical Services worked with the clubs contractors and design consultants to produce an LED lighting scheme for several of the clubs immaculate hospitality areas including the Peoples Lounge shown below.

QLED lighting products were chosen by the consultant and built to match Phillips products which had previously been used in other areas. Both retro fit LED’s and complete new units were installed for the projects and included AR 111 , G24 CFL retro fit replacements and GU 10 spotlights which reduce power consumption from 50 watts to 9watts.

The project also included a specially made QLED fitting which was designed and manufactured in just two weeks. These small projects are predicted to:

  • Save the club over £3,000 per year in energy costs and maintenance
  • Yield a return on investment of just over a year
  • 11 tonnes of carbon emissions will be stopped
  • 316 trees will be saved over the QLED products life time.

Alan concluded, that the QLED products were providing new levels of visual comfort for the hospitality areas while reducing the clubs overheads and carbon footprint and had been well received by all.