Huawei: Mobile & Wireless

M.J. Quinn are working closely with Huawei, large international telecoms manufacturer to provide an installation, commissioning and maintenance organisation for their customers. Initially M.J. Quinn concentrated on the installation and commissioning of Huawei equipment into companies such as Talk Talk (TTT) and Everything Everywhere/MBNL. This included the provision of VA5000 access equipment (MSAN<DSLAM and combi racks) that allowed Talk Talk to provide Broadband and voice services to its customers. TTT provided this service by collocating these racks over 700 BT exchanges across the country.

The Everything Everywhere/MBNL activities included the installation of ATM950B Data Com equipment that formed the backbone of their network covering over 1,000 of their mobile base stations. M.J. Quinn is currently working closely with Huawei to develop M & E maintenance proposals that it is exploring with its mobile clients and the company has been commended on the support it is providing to the on-going development of solutions, recently being awarded Huawei’s “best supporting partnership” at the supplier conference.

Additionally, after considerable close working, to ensure the award of the contracts, M.J. Quinn are starting the installation/testing of Huawei’s DC Power equipment into BT exchanges across the UK. This is a relationship that is, with the effort of both companies, resulting in a number of successful outcomes and M.J. Quinn will seek to ensure continued satisfaction and growth between the businesses.