RFCA: LED Lighting

Carbon Reduction is focused in their sights (sites)

The NWRFCA is training the future soldiers of the UK armed forces but in today’s global battlefield “bang per buck” is all about considering every aspect of managing costs and taking action.

John Chapman Head of Estates at the NWRFCA recently invited M.J. Quinn Technical Services to carry out carbon and energy saving audits as part of an initiative to reduce operational costs while enhancing the facilities and protecting the environment. John explained, that with government cuts, any project of this nature has to stand up to rigorous financial stress tests and a fast pay back on the investment is crucial.

M.J. Quinn worked with RFCA project managers to identify a number of high yield, quick win opportunities, that met the organisations clear objectives with regard to the following:

  • Reduction in Energy costs
  • Lowering general lighting maintenance costs
  • Enhancing the organisations facilities
  • Protecting the environment

The first project was to retro fit the perimeter security lighting at the very secure Altcar Ranges in Formby Merseyside.

Over two hundred lighting post luminaires which surround the facility were retro fitted with QLED ultra- low energy bulbs.

The new low energy, low carbon LED bulbs, required a small change to the existing fitting’s circuitry, this involves the control gear which is normally very unreliable, being taken out of circuit. This change further reduces energy consumption whilst enhancing the reliability of the fitting as there is less to go wrong.

A QLED 24G high light output luminaire was selected as it only consumes 8 watts of energy compared to the 40 watts of the previous bulb. The perimeter lighting project is predicted to save the RFCA over £4,500 per year in energy costs and maintenance with a return on investment of just under two years. In addition, 16 tonnes of carbon emissions will not be produced and will save 429 trees over the life time of the QLED bulbs.

John concluded, that the Altcar Range LED project had exceeded the objectives stipulated by the RFCA in all aspects, and with the additional benefit of enhanced security camera imaging. John went on to say that due to the total success of the trial further projects had now been identified for LED lighting, which will reduce the organisations overheads and carbon footprint.