Telco: LED Lighting

Telco provide infrastructure services and technical support to a number of “Blue Chip” organisations in the media and communication industry. With over 800 support staff and 600 vehicles across the UK, 24/7 activity is intense. Based in the North West, the call centre responds to hundreds of incoming calls every day, time is money so the operators are under constant pressure to react and deliver customer satisfaction.

Business Need

“We recognise the importance of providing a comfortable and ergonomic facility for our staff, who are mostly screen based during their working day. Providing physical as well as visual comfort was paramount, particularly in this sometimes super charged atmosphere. We decided to expand the call centre over a year ago and looked at a number of different lighting solutions that would provide a constant quality at various times of the day. Limited natural daylight and our experience with high failure HF T5 fluorescent lights, made us decide we needed a reliable product that would illuminate the area with as close to natural daylight as was possible.”

After extensive trials, LED technology was chosen, Natural Daylight 4000 to 4500k with a dimming facility from M.J. Quinn proved to be the answer.


“Staff seem to behave in a more alert but calm manner, and the feedback has been positive in every aspect. There is no hum, flicker or buzzing from LED’s which was a major irritant with the old call centre HF fluorescent lights. The LED lights emit a more even, non-glare radiance which does not reflect off the screens,”

  • Dramatic reduction of carbon footprint by 10 tonnes per year
  • Saving over £470 per month in energy costs
  • Return on the investment in just 16 months

Telco intend to roll out QLED programme in their London call centre and UK offices.