Lighting the way for Innovation with award winning LED


In response to a challenging London Underground lighting need, M.J. Quinn Integrated Services won the trophy for innovation at this year’s Infrarail Awards.

The company has developed and supplied an LED system claimed to be the world’s first 360° fire-resistant tube for deep level stations. Meeting a very demanding specification, the LED light offers a service life three or four times that of a conventional fluorescent tube. It will also help London Underground to reduce its carbon footprint thanks to its lower energy consumption. And with a 24 V DC power supply rather than 50 Hz AC, it is also free of the flickering that characterises systems using industrial frequency.
An additional innovative feature of the new light is an integral photo-luminescent strip that retains a safe level of emergency lighting for four hours in the event of a power supply failure – sufficient in most situations to allow a station to be evacuated.
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