Professional Services


M.J. Quinn now offers a number of professional and project management services to our existing and new client base within our facilities solutions division.

These services include the following:

  • Legislation compliance  
  • Refurbishment reports
  • Dilapidation surveys 
  • Acquisition advice and surveys
  • Repairs and maintenance surveys 
  • Defects surveys and diagnosis
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Party Wall advice
  • Tenants Agent
  • Office relocations advice
  • Project Management
  • Lead Consultant
All work is carried out by RICS registered Surveys 
With Our partners ACI Reports We also carry out TM44 surveys 
Why are Air-Conditioning Inspections Required?
  • Because it has been mandatory on most buildings with a/c since 2010
  • You will get fined if they are not in place
  • If you have ISO 14001 accreditation, you will fail your next audit if you do not have your TM44s complete
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility stigma of being fined could be worse than the fine itself
  • To conform with European Law; it is here to stay!!
Benefits of having a TM44 report done:
  • Provide a comfortable environment for building occupants. We ask the occupants if there are staff complaints.
  • Limit the escape of refrigerant gases. Gas leaks are looked for.
  • Assist in planning for R22 replacement programmes.
  • Target inefficient programmes and regimes by providing an independent health check of maintenance contractors efficiency.
  • Important to stay independent, this is a requirement of the legislation; do not use your M&E contractor or the report will be invalid.
Inspections are designed to:
  • Improve efficiency and save money
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce carbon emissions assisting with CRC

Obligations on Ownership of Systems:

Building owners/managers who control air conditioning systems have statutory obligations;

  • TM44 Air conditioning Assessments (last 5 years)
  • F gas testing (over 3kg)
  • HCFC replacements and R22 programmes
Air-conditioning energy inspections;
  • Additional to normal maintenance of systems
  • Used properly, these reports will assist with energy management programmes 
  • Be aware that TM44 includes for sampling; not all units are looked at unless specifically requested.
Please download compliance document for further information.