Office and Call Centre Solutions

Replacing inefficient non LED lighting with retro fit QLED lighting is the ultimate cost effective and seamless energy saving lighting solution available today. What type of lights can be retrofitted and give you energy savings of up to 85% and with no loss of light and virtually no maintenance for five years?

  • Fluorescent tubes can be replaced by the QLED products below


  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs can be replaced by the QLED products below


  • Halogen Spot Lights can be replaced by the QLED products below


  • Incandescent Bulbs and Candle lights can be replaced by the QLED products below


With over 7,000 installations which include contact centres, offices and emergency call centres. 

What our customers say: 24/7 Call Centre Energy Champion A. Patel.

“It’s a subtle change, but the new QLED lighting is getting lots of compliments and from just one call centre floor we are saving the equivalent in energy to power ten average households for seven years”.



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