Innovative QLED lighting tried and tested in London Stations and Underground environment. M.J. Quinn have developed innovative LED products specifically for the rail industry, which are deployed above and below ground, applications such as signage, general lighting, rolling stock and tunnels.

360 degree LED tube
  • The first commercial 360 degree aperture LED tube developed for escalator and tunnel areas providing light vertically, horizontally and downward.
  • Available in sizes 600mm, 900mm-1200mm and 1500mm sizes these tubes replicate a fluorescent tube, but use half of the power.
  • Fast retrofit and guaranteed for 70,000 hours.


T8 LED tube with photo luminescent internal emergency safety strip
  • The first commercial energy saving T8 LED tube with a high output INTERNAL photo luminescent strips provide a useful bright light for up to 4 hours – with NO power
  • Available in sizes 1200mm and 1500mm these tubes use half the power of the equivalent fluorescent tube, with enhanced light output
  • Tested to be fire resistant to Standard 1-085
  • Fast retrofit and tough guaranteed for 70,000 hours


The rail product line extends to over twenty products including;

  • Stainless steel hand rail with internal LED lighting facing downward replaces stair bulk head lighting
  • LED induction lighting modules for tunnels
  • Platform lighting
  • We design and manufacture IP65 LED solutions for illuminated signage
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