Fridge and Freezer Retail Products

Innovative QLED Fridge and Freeezer Lighting tried and tested across Europe and South America within leading food retailers.

Our QLED range is un obtrusive because of the lighting arrays very low profile at just 12mm, is easy to install, and simple to clean and fits every type and size of fridge or freezer display unit.

The QLED range has a unique innovative PEF (produce enhancing feature),  Red, Green and Cream coloured LED’s are inserted at intervals along the length of the lighting array boosting the products appeal by stimulating the visual impact of the produce in the display. Tests have proved a 25% increase in customer product awareness.

Ultra low power consumption making the QLED range the most energy efficient Fridge and Freezer lighting currently available for this specialised application.

All QLED lighting units carry a 75,000 hours guarantee, are water proof to IP 65 rating, have a CRI of 80+ and are available in frosted or transparent covers.

All these features are available for considerably less cost than our market competitors.