Hi Bay – low Bay lighting? Up to 80% energy saving using QLED retrofit bulbs and virtually NO lighting maintenance COSTS for five years or more. Re-lamping at height is time consuming, disruptive and costly and may have to be repeated several times over a five year period. M.J. Quinn can install a number of low carbon, high energy saving options:

  • Retrofit Hi Bay and Low Bay (LED lamp ONLY replacement and modification to the existing fitting)
  • New Hi Bay or Low Bay LED luminaires
  • Fluorescent tube retrofit with high output QLED industrial tubes, tested and used within extreme rail underground environment


LONG LIFE — LED lighting is reliable and has a life expectancy of five years or more.

RAISED SAFETY LEVELS — QLED lighting strikes instantly making presence detection systems viable, and with no delay reaching full power even seconds after switching off and on again.

COLD STORES — QLED lighting is perfect for all cold store environments, generating virtually no heat with an operating range more than -29C.

Average payback time for most projects of this type 21 months.

Carbon Trust Finance saving your capital.
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