Great partnership working, under dangerous and difficult circumstances

MJ Quinn and our subcontractors D&C Jones were tasked to work across 5 separate sites in Welshpool, to install overhead aerial cable above railway tracks and multiple level crossings. In addition to this the team had to remove and replace a decayed 15-metre high pole, which was located within 15 metres of a railway track.

In order to complete these works a Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) has to be granted, which gave our team ownership of the railway line for a period of 7 hours, costing £9,000) meaning we have one chance to get this right. Due to the BAPA, work had to be carried out simultaneously and in partnership to adhere to time constraints.

A supervisor from Openreach was on site to assist, as well as 3 Network Rail representatives to ensure the BAPA was not breached whilst working int he vicinity of the railway lines.

The replacement pole proved to be the most challenge aspect of this job, it was located in a far corner of a waterlogged field, adjacent to a railway line. Our poling wagon could not get into position due to the quagmire, so the team had to innovate, using a digger (photographed above).

As work continued through the night, temperatures plummeted to well below freezing, making working conditions increasingly more hazardous. Thankfully the team were able to complete all works safely in the time period covered by the BAPA. A fantastic result and a great example of our key core values Partnership, Innovation and Excellence.

We would like to thank our engineers Joe O’Hara, Michael Bowers and Jimmy O’Boyle alongside our colleagues from D&C Jones, Barry Roberts, Stephen Parry and team leader Kevin Roberts for their positive contribution, hard work and determination to get the job done safely and professionally.

We would also like to thank Stuart Haynes (MJ Quinn Manager) and Steven Catherall (MJ Quinn Supervisor) for their leadership on the night and for jumping onto the tools to help get the work completed on time.

“I think a big well done to all concerned is in order, all elements of the work were completed in a professional manner, safely and to a high standard of quality”

Ernie Smith – Senior HSQE Manager – MJ Quinn