Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy & Procedure

Document Number: 090-HR-001
Division: Human Resources
Document Title: CSR Policy & Procedure
Issue Number: 2

    1. MJ Quinn Integrated Services will endeavour to implement, in an ethical manner the principles of CSR into its total operations in order that the prevention of negative environmental and social impact on our employees, suppliers, neighbours and the world at large is considered in all we do.

      MJ Quinn Integrated Services will, where practical, encourage positive action that will contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment.

      The Company will plan to achieve these objectives whilst operating in an ethical manner and whilst treating everyone with dignity.

    2. Our Commitment: MJ Quinn will provide an organisation, leadership and processes that are aimed at encouraging its employees to minimise negative environmental and social impact on the world and its population at large.

      The company will by its actions and awareness encourage all parties to operate in an ethical and dignified manner to each other.

    1. To ensure that CSR processes and expectations keep pace with any business growth.

    2. To implement CSR processes/expectations in such a manner that they contribute to company efficiencies and competitiveness ensuring a sustainable business.

    3. To achieve commitment of stakeholders in the building of processes and operations that aim to achieve best performance in an ethical manner whilst being mindful how they impact on the environment and society.

  3. SCOPE
    1. This Corporate Social Responsibility Procedure applies to all MJ Quinn Integrated Services employees, irrespective of job or grade, who is in full-time or part-time employment and are on permanent, fixed-term or temporary contracts of employment. The policy is also applicable to contractors and consultants.

    2. The core elements of this policy cover our approach in dealing with our people, clients, suppliers, local community and environment.

    3. This policy and procedure do not form part of the individual contract of employment and may be changed by MJ Quinn at any time at its absolute discretion.

    1. Equality Act 2010

    2. Employment Rights Act 2008

    3. ISO 14001

    4. ISO 18001

    1. Stakeholder – group, organisation, member or system that affects or can be affected by an organisation’s actions.

    2. Employee – contributes labour and/or expertise to an endeavour of an employer and is usually hired to perform specific duties which are packaged into a job.

    3. Local Community – is a group of interacting people sharing an environment.

    4. Supplier – a party that supplies goods or services. A supplier may be distinguished from a contractor or subcontractor, who commonly adds specialised input to deliverables. Also called vendor.

    1. MJ Quinn will maintain the appointment of a CSR champion aimed at leading and defining the drive for achievement of the Company’s stated aims.

    2. MJ Quinn will nominate individuals to form a CSR committee to support the CSR champion in the design of the organisation for application of the defined principles.

    3. Identify the key individuals who need to be responsible for its successful application across the business.

    4. Provide adequate awareness within the company to allow for the successful deployment and maintenance of the CSR principles.

    5. Ensure the processes and procedures necessary for compliance with CSR objectives are available and suitable for their needs.

    1. Our aim is to reduce our negative impact on the environment by encouraging best code of practice and continuous improvement.

    2. We will endeavour to keep wastage to a minimum and maximise the use of materials and resources ensuring employees are environmentally aware.

    3. We will develop our management process to ensure that environmental factors are considered when new projects arise.

    4. We will provide procurement processes that encourage suppliers to act in a responsible manner in their applications of the principles of minimising negative environmental or social development.

    5. Existing environmental initiatives will be maintained and where possible improved. External suggestions will be encouraged and measurement implemented.

    6. We will continue to monitor our environmental performance against our targets, analysing the following usage: gas, water, electricity, general waste, recycled waste and fuel consumption.

    7. We set environmental targets which will have a reduced impact on our carbon footprint. Initiatives such as the implementation of LED Lighting, motion sensors etc.

    1. We aim to continue to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

    2. We look to increase our profitability which will have a positive impact on the community in terms of employment, training, skills and wealth creation.

    3. We continue to support employee involvement in fundraising for charities and voluntary work, recognising both the benefit to the community and to the employees themselves.

    4. MJ Quinn strives to maintain its involvement and support with local and national charities.

    5. We aim to grow and nurture the services we provide to increase communication within the society which reduces isolation.

    6. Support to local communities such as Knowsley Community College, charities, the Local Chamber of Commerce and the apprenticeship scheme will be encouraged.

    1. Whilst MJ Quinn does not procure in sufficient volumes to demand audits or to force adoption of standards by many suppliers the company will not purchase any items from a vendor that is known to not meet environmental, ethical or social expectations.

    2. Documented approval will be required for all vendors.

    3. Any significant suppliers, especially based overseas will go through an audit process to ensure they meet the requirements of 9.1.

    1. Ensure Management are aware of how to treat people with dignity and the requirement to apply all moral and legal standards in line with the company procedures, applying the principle of Equal Opportunities and non-discrimination.

    2. Feedback will continue to be sought, by various means, from employees and contractors on the measured success of our endeavours.

    3. We seek to recruit and retain people that reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate, to give equal opportunities to all our staff and provide the training and development to help them have fulfilling and rewarding careers.

    4. The Health and Safety of our employees will continue to be of paramount importance and we will operate a Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 18001.

    5. We look to involve employees in continuously improving their own work methods and those of the company.

    6. We will strive to have regular communication with employees providing them with an opportunity to contribute to the policy and strategy.

    7. MJ Quinn expects all employees to ensure business is conducted with high ethical standards and legal principles.

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