“Quality is everyone’s responsibility; it is pride in your workmanship and here at MJ Quinn we really do strive for that. Our customers matter to us and we want to provide a service that stands out amongst the rest”

Rob Green, Head of Quality

Our Team

MJ Quinn has an independent national audit team who critically evaluate our engineer’s quality of work across all of our workstreams.

The Audit Team are ISO 9001 accredited and work in tandem with our Operational Support Field Coaches and our Academy Trainers to make MJ Quinn an industry leader. Through their interventions MJ Quinn’s quality score continues to rise and smarter ways of working have been implemented.

What we do

Circa 8000 audits completed per year.

Enforce a strict Telecoms Licence Endorsement process.

Root Cause Analysis across all defective workmanship.

Consult on new product implementation and changes to work procedures.

Defect rectification

Write business processes and procedures to ensure right first time

Support engineers learning and development

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At MJ Quinn we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration, planning and research.