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HD Migration

The purpose of the HD migration program is to increase the capacity of the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) in order to service more homes with superfast broadband. The small DSLAM capacity is increased from 128 ports to 256 ports. Whereas the Large DSLAM is increased from 288 ports to 384 ports.

There are two parts to the project:

HD Migration

Replacing the chassis and cards in the DSLAM with a new chassis and cards and extending the existing MDF and cable looms to accommodate the increased capacity. This is done at night.

Copper Ties

Copper ties to connect the new DSLAM ports with the PCP.

There is also a need for civils work to accommodate the extra cabling, which involves re shelling the PCP when there is no room for expansion and extra duct laying when existing ducts are congested.

Since the start of the project, MJ Quinn have migrated over 2800 DSLAMS, covering an area of the UK from the Scottish Highlands and Islands, down as far as London and Wiltshire.

Case Study

Project Turbo – Second DSLAM

To increase the capacity of the network for superfast broadband when HD migration is not an option, the second DSLAM offers an alternative solution.

The addition of a second DSLAM to an existing DSLAM and PCP using Power Parenting. That is obtaining the power connection from the original DSLAM (donor) to power the second DSLAM. This method greatly reduces the lead time in getting the increased capacity live, as opposed to using a DNO connection. This method can only be adopted when the original DSLAM is metered.

Since October last year, we have stood in excess of 330 DSLAMS across the North East, East, Midlands, London, South East, South West and Wales, on top of the 91 stood in a trial earlier in 2018.

We offer a turnkey solution whereby MJQ does everything from survey to commissioning, including all civils, power, Copper ties, fibre and power installations. We use own direct labour for all parts of the project, which is supplemented by subcontractors for the civils aspect of the installation.

Case Study

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Network Upgrades 2

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