Delivered 92 cabinets to CRFS targets within 3 months

DSLAM Turbo / Openreach


Openreach engaged MJ Quinn to undertake the installation of 575 secondary incremental DSLAMS on existing sites (Project Turbo). There was a need identified to create more capacity in the network and thus to allow as many end users as possible to be given broadband service. The project was mainly aimed at cabinets that were already at full capacity and had no room to be given incremental ties or be part of the HD programme.


MJ Quinn started the Turbo trial back in October 2018 and it was an immediate success. Within the first 3 months we delivered 92 cabinets to CRFS targets (customer ready for service). Since the first tranche of 100 DSLAM’s, we have over delivered in large areas of the country where needs were greatest. The East Region held over 2/3rds of the country’s DSLAM’s badged to MJ Quinn. This initially caused some logistic problems, particularly with civils resource. This was resolved by on-boarding for civils outfits in the appropriate areas.



MJ Quinn have demonstrated the ability to flex the number of field engineers up and down and to move those engineers geographically in order to meet demand peaks. MJ Quinn have adapted and overcome the geographical challenge that was set by OR around the country in terms of all civils activities and flex activities. We now have suppliers and staff in most areas of the country.


MJ Quinn have completed 483 DSLAM’s since we started the incremental build programme. The value to the business in terms of invoiced costs was £4,830,000.


MJ Quinn undertake to dual-train all MJ Quinn Power 18th Edition electricians so they could carry out multiple activities associated with the installs such as: power up and do a BS 7671:2018 electrical completion for the Donor and incremental DSLAM cabinet, install fibre and splice, install new batteries and commission new incremental DSLAM cab.

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