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HD Migrations / Openreach


Openreach have undertaken a programme, with a budget in excess of £22 million per year, to make superfast Broadband available to over 28 million homes. To be able to fulfil this commitment, Openreach need to provide HD upgrades to 90.000 DSLAMs across the UK. The Next Generation Access (NGA) Programme places huge pressures upon Openreach with a target of 97.9% availability for future orders. The HD upgrades provide extra capacity to existing DSLAMS and the successful execution of the programme is critical to the delivery of target.


The Telecoms Division of MJ Quinn have agreed a HD Migration contract with Openreach for a period of two years. The contract provides assurances to both parties regarding the availability of trained staff and the costs of jobs, along with a guaranteed minimum of 2000 jobs per year. MJ Quinn have set up a new team specifically for this contract. Managed centrally from our head office in Liverpool, the number of field engineers engaged in this work-stream has more than doubled since July 2017. During this time, we have deployed our field team nationally, at short mobilisation notice to meet demands to increase capacity for DSLAMs both in Civils and Flex aspects of the project.

The volume of work is managed using a combination of CRM, Maps, Excel and Samsung Galaxy tablets as remote devices for field engineers. An App is currently being developed which will give each engineer the ability to read from their tablets, all the details required in order to complete the work on site, and to close jobs with all associated photographs required. These will be automatically updated to CRM/365 and sent across to Openreach. This will then trigger estimates closure allowing a constant cash flow to be established. Delivering an average of 50 jobs per week, our dedicated team has completed over 3000 jobs on behalf of Openreach since inception.



MJ Quinn has the ability to control the number of Field engineers, Flex and Civils, geographically in order to meet capacity expansion demands.


Under the terms of the HD Migration agreement, the cost to Openreach is fixed and therefore forecastable for the term of the Contract. Civils activities are submitted via A55’s and estimates are raised before any works are carried out.


MJ Quinn train all engineers deployed on this contract to an agreed set of standards laid down by our client. Each Engineer is certified by an Openreach accredited training provider. This is done in-house at the MJ Quinn Training Academy.

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