Installing over 3500 new DC power solutions

Rectifier Replacement Project / BT


BT operate a diverse network, incorporating equipment from multiple vendors, reflecting the historic transition through technologies in order to meet the needs of its customers.

Utilising a managed upgrade strategy combined with continuous review of the performance of their estate, they identify critical areas, which require modification/upgrade to ensure stability and improve efficiency by incorporating newer, more energy efficient, DC power solutions.


Working with multiple equipment vendors the Telecoms Power division of MJ Quinn have trained, equipped, and presented for BT review & licensing numerous I&C teams ahead of deployment onto the work stream.

Since January 2014, M.J. Quinn has deployed engineers to carry out Rectifier Replacement Project works at more than 400 locations installing c. 3600 new DC power solutions, and decommissioning c.8200 associated legacy power systems in the process.



Due to multi-vendor licensing of the deployed teams, MJ Quinn has the ability to flex the number of active teams within the deployment and to move those teams geographically in order to meet demand peaks. These works are handled with medium term sequenced deployments in mind, but can be tailored to prioritise sites when needed.


All works are surveyed and quoted on a site-by-site basis allowing review against forecasted budget and verification against ROI criteria. The increased power efficiency of the newly installed equipment, c. 95-98% efficient in place of c. 85% efficient legacy equipment, along with a reduction in the associated reactive maintenance costs for equipment approaching end-of-life, yields immediate savings on operating costs.


MJ Quinn assess and train all engineers prior to presentation for review and project licensing by the BT Power Policy Team. Each Team includes a certified electrician who is up-skilled onto the project using a combination of product and practical installation training within MJ Quinn Training Academy.

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