Liverpool City Council

The Bascule Bridge


On completion of various lighting projects throughout Liverpool, the City’s council looked beyond the city centre and focused on structures surrounding the city.

This lead to the commissioning of a lighting project to help illuminate the historic Bascule Bridge.

Built in 1932, the Grade II listed building sits proudly in the city’s world heritage site. However, it has gained recent fame through featuring in Hollywood blockbusters such as Captain America and Sherlock Holmes.


To accommodate the request, MJ Quinn where able to provide a lighting solution that highlights the structures attributes and characteristics, whilst being durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Liverpool’s dockland areas.

In partnership with LITE & Philips Lighting, MJ Quinn where able to provide a lighting arrangement that has the ability to display a wealth of colours and arrangements that can be adjusted to suit the desired effects of its end user.


Comprising of a variety of specialist floodlighting and accent lighting, this style of lighting system helped rejuvenate the existing Bridge, resulting in a design that compliments the structure and welcomes commuters and tourists into the city.

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