Liverpool City Council

St Luke’s Church


Liverpool City Council set out with a view to showcase one of Liverpool’s most iconic Grade II listed structures located in the heart of the city, St Luke’s Church.

Better known as ‘The Bombed out Church’ this is a staple focal point that required an extensive lighting renovation that could accentuate the building’s attributes, utilising its position as the focal point of Bold Street.


MJ Quinn Proposed an LED Lighting solution in partnership with Philips lighting that incorporates a variety of in-ground lighting units and strategically placed floodlights to highlight the architectural characteristics of the building. 

To achieve this, we had to ensure that damage to the existing façade and its surroundings would be kept to an absolute minimum. We did this by enlisting specialist stonemasons to help preserve the site and work in conjunction with the restrictions of the Grade II listing requirements to safeguard the monument for future generations.


A new 3G Architectural LED Lighting system was designed to be set to any colour spectrum, from anywhere in the world by the touch of a button.

The lighting boasts various capacities and can be set to provide static colours, flame flicker effects or rolling colour change, among many others.

This ability to alter the lighting provides a diverse and inclusive lighting system that can be programmed to suit all social occasions including previous homages to Gay Pride, St Patrick’s Day and solidarity towards national tragedies.

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