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Critical Infrastructure & Energy

MJ Quinn have a design, build and install capability, sourcing the most resilient and efficient power infrastructure products on the market. Our designs range from basic no redundancy architecture requirements to high dependency mission critical architecture requirements with built in redundancy, to deliver the highest availability possible. We offer a range of DC power support services from onsite operations, training and planned maintenance packages to bespoke final sub-circuit installation for powering up DC telco or data equipment.

Flexible Co-mingling Product (FCP)

FCP is an equipment solution specified by Openreach for deployment into the BT Exchange environment which provides communications providers (CP) with a space to install their equipment and provide broadband & telephony Service to their customers.

FCP allows for a variety of configurations combining AC & DC power supply options with copper and fibre connectivity. FCP gives CPs the option to install their equipment within existing secure racks or provides the space for CPs to install their own racks adjacent to the power equipment.

Extensions of the FCP model allow for existing legacy power solutions to be replaced with new equipment, on a 1-to-1 basis, whilst maintaining AC & DC loads and also, where suitable, on a 1-to-many basis as well. Both solutions provide increased capacity along with increased efficiency as well as additional space for equipment installation.

MJ Quinn engineers have installed almost 3,500 FCP builds since joining the project, which is around 50% of all builds deployed to date, and were specifically tasked to carry out critical upgrade works on 3,700 builds throughout the UK over a 6-month period at the mid-point of the main deployment when the design was revised to ensure safety and stability within the access network.

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Rectifier Replacement Project (RRP)

RRP is part of the ongoing review which BT conduct to ensure reliability and stability within their core network, and is the proactive replacement of existing ‘legacy’ power systems with modern offerings from multiple vendors.

These new systems offer increased capacity, improved efficiency, and a reduction in footprint/physical size and are primarily deployed in a 1-to-many configuration to maximise the associated benefits. When site conditions, or critical loads, require it then a 1-to-1 configuration can be deployed as the benefits of increased capacity and improved efficiency remain.

MJ Quinn engineers have carried out over 3300 installations across more than 300 sites since joining the project, have decommissioned 7,800 associated legacy power systems during these works, and are licensed to carry out RRP works using equipment from multiple vendors.

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Small Works and Bespoke Solutions

Aside from the large-scale deployments detailed elsewhere MJ Quinn have also carried out a number of small works projects and bespoke solutions in support of customer requirements.

These include activities such as:

  • In-life maintenance visits on all products installed under the large-scale deployments along with critical service visits to replace units as a result of 3rd party damage or Early Life Failure (ELF).
  • Modification of existing rack enclosures to allow expansion within the existing equipment footprint where space is limited.
  • Bespoke cabling solutions into existing customer racks to provide small scale expansion allowing the communications provider (CP) to maintain a ‘right-sized’ presence on site in line with demand for their services.
  • Installation of Invertor Systems to maintain AC supply using existing high capacity batteries in the event of a power grid outage.
  • Replacement of small capacity Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) with Invertor Systems to allow existing high capacity batteries to be used to increase the AC load which can be maintained in the event of a power grid outage.
  • In life replacement alarm monitoring units in around 1000 Invertor Systems across the UK.
  • Conversion of DC distribution points from single-fed to dual-fed solutions to provide resilience in the event of disruption to the DC supply.
  • Migration of AC supplies from None Essential (i.e. direct from Power Grid) to Essential (i.e. backed up by generator set) distribution boards.
  • Installation of AC Meters onto unmetered supplies to allow accurate monitoring & billing of electricity usage.
  • Replacement of faulty AC Meters on existing metered supplies to reinstate accurate monitoring & billing of electricity usage.

AC-DC Telecoms Power

UPS Systems

MJ Quinn design AC power availability resiliency to your specific requirements, using the highest quality uninterruptable power systems on the market depending.

We offer either static battery backed UPS systems or Diesel Rotary UPS systems. Whatever type you select, our design team will ensure your AC power availability requirement to your mission critical equipment is met.

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