Building Full Fibre Networks


Urban Networks – Fibre Cities

Openreach have announced their first 14 cities to benefit from their considerable investment in full fibre infrastructure. MJ Quinn are proud to have been selected from a highly competitive supply base to deliver our contribution to the future infrastructure of superfast UK.

Currently present in Liverpool, Wirral and London our Fibre Cities project supplies a managed service for the installation of fibre from the exchange to customers’ premises on behalf of Openreach. This project began in 2018 and now sees MJ Quinn delivering fibre capability to circa 2500 homes each week thanks to our team of over 200 multi skilled fibre engineers. As well as a highly experienced field force MJ Quinn has a dedicated back office team compromising of:

  • Operational staff who manage the day to day planning and build reporting.

  • Experienced Civils field and back office staff dedicated to clearing pathways for the operational teams.

  • A fully knowledgeable noticing team who liaise with local councils to ensure all digs have appropriate noticing and traffic management.

  • A robust field management structure across all geographical areas.

  • Bespoke training resource focused exclusively on fibre training for our teams.

  • Dedicated Health, Safety and Quality concentrating on maintaining extremely high-quality scores and ensuring engineers are working in a safe manner.

Openreach have committed to build a new digital infrastructure to three million premises by 2020 and our deployments have already contributed to the Openreach first major milestone of 900000 homes ready and available to receive full fibre digital services.

Rural Networks – BDUK Wales

Previously known as Broadband Delivery UK, Building Digital UK involves building fibre networks to enable remote properties to gain access to superfast broadband.

MJ Quinn are working in partnership with Openreach to build the rural fibre network in Wales. This will allow customers who currently have less than 2mb broadband to have access to super-fast broadband (speeds of 30mb or more) if they wish to take up the service.

MJ Quinn’s scope of works span across Wales in its entirety and are broken up into 3 lots, North, Mid and South Wales.

The tasks our engineers carry out have 3 elements:


  • Installation of fibre cables both underground and overhead.
  • The splicing of fibre cables together.
  • Testing the network to ensure all light levels are correct.


  • BT Duct Blockage Clearance – soft, footway and carriageway.
  • Jointing Chambers and Modular Box Installation – soft, footway and carriageway.
  • Laying of BT Duct – soft, footway and carriageway.


  • Installing new telegraph poles

Due to the nature of the works on this programme, MJ Quinn offer our engineers the opportunity to be trained across multiple disciplines, training and accrediting them to cable, splice, climb and test.

MJ Quinn have a strong desire to invest in the local economy and support the communities we work in. Presently all of our resource, management and suppliers in South Wales are local residents.

BDUK Wales

“The award of this contract is a huge step forward in MJ Quinn’s ambition to become the UKs leading fibre installers. I am immensely proud of the work done to date and look forward to working with the team to deliver the excellent results Openreach have come to expect from the exceptional team at MJ Quinn. Well done to all.”

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