MJ Quinn Adopts New Electric Vans for More Sustainable Operations

At M J Quinn, we are proud to announce the addition of new electric vans to our fleet as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. These new vehicles will be used for our Mersey Care project, providing energy solutions to healthcare facilities in the Liverpool area.

The new electric vans will replace traditional diesel vehicles and significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Our use of electric vehicles is a key part of our sustainability strategy and will help us to reduce our environmental impact.

Our new electric vans are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring high efficiency and reliability for our customers. They provide numerous benefits, including a greener solution to transportation needs.

The world needs action on climate change today and large businesses like ours have a pivotal role to play in climate action. I’m proud of what MJ Quinn has achieved so far through high level commitment, ambitious goals, and real action.

However, our van fleet is by far the biggest challenge accounting for over 90% of our operational carbon, so switching to electric or low-emission vehicles is key to accelerating our net zero journey. I am thrilled at the arrival of the electric vans as they represent a big step in the right direction and send a clear message to industry and manufacturers.

Jamie Thomson – Lead Environment Sustainability Advisor

As a company, we are dedicated to leading the way in reducing our carbon footprint and providing our customers with the most environmentally-friendly solutions. The addition of these new electric vans is a significant step forward for us and for the environment.

These new electric vans will be rolled out over the next few months and are expected to have a positive impact on the environment and local communities. At M J Quinn, we provide energy solutions that are not only efficient, but also sustainable. These new vehicles are a demonstration of our commitment to this goal.