Armed Forces Day 2023

Armed Forces Day 2023

We’re proud to support #ArmedForcesDay, when the nation unites to honour the selfless service of the entire Armed Forces community.

At M J Quinn, we firmly believe that our ex-military colleagues make us stronger, bringing invaluable skills and perspectives that enrich our work. We are proud to stand beside them, supporting and learning from their experiences, as we continue to grow together.

In May of this year, we announced that we have been awarded the prestigious Silver Award under the esteemed Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. This recognition serves as a testament to our commitment to supporting Defence and the wider Armed Forces community.

As we celebrate #ArmedForcesDay and reflect on the selfless service of the entire Armed Forces community, we at M J Quinn stand tall with pride. Our belief in the strength and invaluable contributions of our ex-military colleagues only grows stronger with each passing day. Their skills and unique perspectives enrich our work, enabling us to excel in our endeavors. We are honored to support and learn from their experiences, fostering a collaborative environment where we can all thrive. As we look to the future, we are united in our shared values and the noble spirit of service.

Since I left the army and over the last ten years or so, I was diagnosed with PTSD and seek counseling once a week. Due to this, it was hard to keep working in a professional and effective manner. However, since I came to MJQ I have found a new beginning in life and all the managing personnel that have worked under have been very understanding and so helpful with my mental health issues. To this end, it enables me to work at my best and produce effective work to help reach our targets. I have truly found a happy place to work and I enjoy coming to work, as I know that the people above me have my back just like when I served and I had the backs of those below me.


MJQ was my first job when I left the army. Building great friendships and everyone I worked with and under has been understanding and always helpful. As I’ve built myself another great career with a great company I’ve managed to climb the ladder up to the position I’m in now. I feel I owe a lot to M J Quinn as it wasn’t an easy time to leave the army at the start of covid and I’ve never looked back. and looking forward to many more successful years with the company.


I served a full 24 years in the British Army, Royal Signals setting up battlefield communications which naturally pulled me to this industry. Left Home at 16 as there was no work or hope were I was living. Served in various country’s around the world and completed operational tours in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan Left the Army in November 2013 and joined MJ Quinn in February 2014 as a engineer and progressed to Area Manager.