Cooling Upgrade / Metronode

Enhancement of the cooling infrastructure


M J Quinn was entrusted with a pivotal project involving the enhancement of the prevailing cooling infrastructure within the Metronode sector of the iconic BT Tower in London.

Tasked with the dual objective of augmenting the cooling system’s efficacy and energy efficiency, MJ Quinn deftly devised a solution that hinged on the installation of three cutting-edge 60kw QE FADX units. This innovative approach not only addressed the immediate cooling requirements of the Metronode area but also embodied a forward-looking stance toward sustainability and resource conservation.

The successful implementation of these advanced cooling units stands as a testament to MJ Quinn’s prowess in engineering and their commitment to delivering solutions that amalgamate technological sophistication with environmental responsibility.

The  BT  Tower  is  a  grade  II  listed communications  tower  located  in London, owned  by BT Group.