Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

MJ Quinn Integrated Services will endeavour to implement, in an ethical manner the principles of CSR into its total operations in order that the prevention of negative environmental and social impact on our employees, suppliers, neighbours and the world at large is considered in all we do.

MJ Quinn Integrated Services will, where practical, encourage positive action that will contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment.

The Company will plan to achieve these objectives whilst operating in an ethical manner and whilst treating everyone with dignity.
Our Commitment

MJ Quinn will provide an organisation, leadership and processes that are aimed at encouraging its employees to minimise negative environmental and social impact on the world and its population at large.

The company will by its actions and awareness encourage all parties to operate in an ethical and dignified manner to each other.


To ensure that CSR processes and expectations keep pace with any business growth.

To implement CSR processes/expectations in such a manner that they contribute to company efficiencies and competitiveness ensuring a sustainable business.

To achieve commitment of stakeholders in the building of processes and operations that aim to achieve best performance in an ethical manner whilst being mindful how they impact on the environment and society.

This Corporate Social Responsibility Procedure applies to all MJ Quinn Integrated Services employees, irrespective of job or grade, who is in full-time or part-time employment and are on permanent, fixed-term or temporary contracts of employment. The policy is also applicable to contractors and consultants.

The core elements of this policy cover our approach in dealing with our people, clients, suppliers, local community and environment.