Our core activity is in providing solutions and resources to renewable energy, telecoms and critical infrastructure industries. We provide a full end-to-end managed engineering service solution that encompasses planning, design, deployment, integration, upgrade and maintenance.  

For commercial clients, we offer tailored systems designed to meet the unique energy needs of the businesses, enhancing sustainability and reducing operating costs. Our team of expert engineers conduct site assessments an develop efficient and scalable scalable solar solutions to maximize energy generation. 

In the residential sector, we provide state-of-the-art solar PV installations for homeowners. empowering them to embrace clean energy while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.  

Enabling Works 

MJ Quinn Solar works closely with private enterprises and local authorities throughout the country in a wide range of civil engineering and enabling services from civil design, new utility ducting network in various surfaces grass, footway and carriageways, site access routes, construction of site compounds and all associated civils works.  

Other services provided include excavation, installation of service ducting and drainage, kerbing and paving and traffic management. Our broad skillset and hardware machinery ensure quality delivery of civil engineering requirements for our customers. 

Commercial Projects 

Monart Spa and Wellness Facility 

MJ Quinn recently completed a project at Monart Spa and Wellness facility in Co. Wexford to enhance sustainability and efficiency. The 2-phase project commenced in October 2022 resulting in significant environmental benefits, with carbon saving of 145 tonnes. Phase 1 of the installation comprised 936 state-of-the-art Longi panels, generating 0/5MW of power in phase 2 by Q4 2023. The project achieved an 89% level of self-sufficiency, marking a significant step towards reducing the facility’s reliance on conventional energy sources.  

With a payback period of 6.6 years, the investment in solar PV technology promises long-term cost savings and ecological advantages.  

The design process was executed using PV sol software, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance.  

Since January 2022 MJ Quinn has completed 29 commercial installations to date. These projects have collectively delivered a capacity of over 5,200KW. 

Cepac Factory  

MJ Quinn delivered a rooftop solar PV project at the Cepac Factory in the UK. The project commenced on March 15th 2023 and was successfully commissioned by August 15th 2022. The installation of 5,200 panels, generating a total capacity if 2.3 MW, ensures the factory’s rooftop now stands as one of the largest roof-mounted schemes in the UK

The system exhibits an exceptional level of self-sufficiency, with carbon savings estimated at 364 tonnes and providing 90% of the required energy for the factory’s operations. The Solar Ede inverters deployed increased energy efficiency yielding up to 10% more efficient energy utilisation.  

P sol software was used to design the project supporting an optimal performance and adherence to high-quality standards. With a projected payback period of approx. 4 years, this project stands as a significant milestone in the UK’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

Domestic Projects 

Since January 2022, MJ Quinn has made impressive strides in the Domestic Solar PV sector, completing over 360 domestic installations on behalf of our clients. These installations have cumulatively provided a capacity of over 1,700KW, empowering numerous households across the country to harness the power of solar energy. 

MJ Quinn’s commitment to excellence is evident in our efficient installation processes, ensuring that each homeowner receives a top-quality tailored to their specific energy needs.