MJ Quinn Corporate Philanthropy 2019

At MJ Quinn we are PASSIONATE about working with and supporting local and national charities.

A business’ philanthropic social responsibly goes beyond simply operating as ethically as possible. Corporate philanthropy not only includes charitable donations but investment in your community and local projects.

At MJ Quinn we recognise our responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves and staff have been incredibly generous when asked to participate in fundraising activities. We are very proud of the contributions of our staff, not only financially but also through donations of clothes, food and Christmas and Easter gifts which were shared with local families in need.

In addition to company organised events a great number of our team have given up their free time to take part in charity walks, sky dives and extreme endurance events.

In 2018 staff raised over £2,500 and we are proud to say we have exceeded our total for 2019! Thank you to our staff for their generosity.

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At MJ Quinn we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration, planning and research.