Wednesday 23rd June is International Women In Engineering Day.

We’d like to introduce you to some of our team.

Meet Nina

Nina started working for MJ Quinn in February 2021. She is new to the telecoms industry and before starting her career as an engineer her main role was a special needs teacher. Nina was made redundant from teaching and started a catering business however when the COVID-19 pandemic hit she could no longer continue her business and started to look for other work. She had never thought about a career in telecoms but one of her friends, who works at MJ Quinn, suggested she should give it a go and she applied and was accepted onto the training course.

Meet Kyra

Kyra has been an engineer with MJ Quinn since January 2021. She had no previous telecoms experience and had been Head of Netball in her local college. Kyra felt that working in sports was not the career for her in the long term and began to look for a different pathway. Kyra wanted a full time job and her husband worked for MJ Quinn. Kyra saw MJ Quinn were advertising for new engineers and she took the plunge and applied.

If you are thinking about a career in telecoms take a look at our Careers Page