World Environment Day

5th June 2021

Let’s celebrate World Environment Day with the millions worldwide who do so on the 5th of June each year.

Healthy ecosystems are essential for people’s livelihoods, tackling climate change, and in stopping the collapse of biodiversity.

Addressing these pressing environmental issues requires efforts and collaboration between business and communities, and MJ Quinn is making itself part of the solution.

This year’s theme gives focus to Ecosystem Restoration, which means preventing, halting, and reversing damage to our natural assets.

How are MJ Quinn Contributing?

At the heart of ours efforts is our newly developed Sustainability Action Plan 2021, which addresses environmental issues by:

Welcome to the MJ Quinn Bug Hotel

Made out of waste wood, Stores Operative Paul Sinkinson has created two ‘Bug Hotels’ to help support local wildlife close to our Deeside Logistics Centre.

Not only does this brilliant initiative support MJ Quinn’s Sustainability Action Plan, by way of ecological enhancement, it also reduces our waste.

For more information about this global movement go to: