With the convergence of mobile communications now demanding robust voice, data and internet connectivity, the maintenance and fault rectification on mobile and wireless infrastructure is essential to providing optimum performance.

Working on behalf of network providers and OEMs in the wireless market, M.J. Quinn Telecoms offers a comprehensive set of installation, operational support, maintenance and repair services to ensure peak performance from these technologies, using our highly skilled personnel.

Our installation services are provided by a network of deployment-ready field technicians across the UK and managed by our UK-based telecoms control centre and state of the art IT. Our technicians carry all necessary accreditations and training for the various site types, from those requiring third party access approvals through to masts and tower structures.

At the heart of M.J. Quinn Telecoms mobile and wireless maintenance solution, is our fully integrated crm system used to track hardware deployed at each site, contact information for each site, digital site photographs, and detailed data such as antenna pointing, and carrier frequencies. The system also tracks all work orders related to a site, including site surveys, installation and service calls.

Maintaining such network intelligence is key to achieving the M.J. Quinn delivery ethos of first time, every time and ensures network revenues are optimised and consumer expectations met.

Key mobile and wireless activities provided by M.J. Quinn include:

  • Project management
  • Site surveys
  • Mobile base stations – design and configuration of cabinets including:
    • Thermal management – air conditioning
    • Noise emissions
    • AC/DC power
    • Signal cabling
    • Alarm functions
    • Installation of multiplex equipment
    • Commissioning
  • Network upgrades, de-installation and redeployment of equipment
  • Transmission network design / planning
  • Pre-staging
  • Installation and commissioning of radio
  • Temporary tower employment
  • Full site deployment and integration
  • Logistics support
  • Ground clearance and maintenance of base station / internal sites
  • Fabrication, tower strengthening and site extension

Rigging Services

  • Antenna installation – e.g. UHF, microwave, cellular, DAB Radio
  • BTS Installation & Commissioning
  • Microwave links – installation, configuration and line of sight
  • Lightning protection – installation of lightning protection equipment
  • Rooftop steel fabrications, tower erection, edge protection and earthing
  • Optimisation and fault finding
  • Decommissioning – full site / I&C