MJ Quinn's February Round Up

Leadership Development Courses with The Hub Events

The team expresses gratitude to The Hub Events for two transformative courses in February. The Brilliant People Manager course equipped the team with practical tools for effective communication and team motivation. Additionally, a new manager course was undertaken, aligning with MJ Quinn’s commitment to continuous growth and leadership development.

Successful Qe Solutions Crac Glycol Training Session

Stephen and Ellie travelled to Surrey to deliver a successful training session on the Qe Solutions Crac Glycol unit. This initiative is part of MJ Quinn’s commitment to Sustainable Cooling, Tailored for You.

Employee of the Month Announcement

In February, MJ Quinn announced their first Employee of the Month, chosen by colleagues and the board. This recognition reflects the company’s dedication to acknowledging outstanding contributions within the team.

Foothold Charity Event Sign-Up

MJ Quinn demonstrates its commitment to community welfare by signing up for a Foothold charity event in July. This event aligns with the company’s values of social responsibility and active participation in charitable initiatives.

As February concludes, MJ Quinn remains dedicated to fostering a sustainable, inclusive, and socially responsible workplace while continuously investing in the development of its employees and making a positive impact in the community. 🌟