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Service Delivery / Openreach


MJ Quinn were asked by Openreach to expand our Service Delivery structure into delivering their new premium and rapidly growing product, FTTP.  Openreach have committed to rolling FTTP out to over 20 million homes by 2025 and they have chosen MJ Quinn as a partner to assist with this task.


We have adapted our successful Service Delivery model to ensure we deliver the same high-quality service for FTTP.  Our resource model is flexible in order to respond to Openreach’s needs.  Over the last 12 months we have implemented a new training plan and recruited and trained over 350 engineers to support in installing FTTP nationally.  We are able to deploy this resource nationwide utilising our award-winning in-house Training Academy to skill new engineers to meet Openreach’s excellent standards. 

We provide flexible resources to Openreach as they bring fibre to different parts of the UK and will be a key partner in this as we grow the volume of fibre to homes. Currently we are exceeding 5000 installations per week nationally and this number is growing rapidity and our flexible resource structure means that we can respond to this quickly and successfully.

All of our engineers complete a bespoke training programme which guides them through each step of the FTTP installation process. The support does not stop there however. Once an engineer has successfully completed their accreditations, they enter a period of structured buddying where they are mentored by an operational support coach. The success of our training programme is proven by our consistently high levels of quality.  We ensure that this is maintained by using our internal Quality team who complete retrospective and work-in-progress checks to monitor the levels of quality.

We have a national team comprising of 5 General Managers and 28 Patch based managers who oversee all of Service Delivery and FTTP provisions.  Supported by 18 coaches to drive and maintain our high standards.  We are also supported by the Health and Safety team, Quality team and our Customer Service team to drive quality, safety and integrity.

The Field team are supported by our state-of-the-art IT system as well as our Strategic Resource Planners and on the day Jeopardy Control team, who ensure the engineers are where they need to be. Engineers routes are planned tactically at day-1 and our I.T team have delivered a seamless interface into Openreach work allocator.



We have continuously improved service levels for delivery of on the day service, quality scores and low early life failure results leading to a very positive and collaborative relationship with the client. We consistently meet or exceed our KPI targets.


Consistently high quality scores and collaboration between MJ Quinn and Openreach audit teams. Our engineering visits are recorded on bespoke a FPQS system and a network endorsement process is in place to ensure that engineers maintain quality standards and are coached/re trained where appropriate.


Succession planning and staff retention policy – over 90% of management team were MJ Quinn engineers.

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