BT Openreach: Provision Contract

Provision Contract

In February 2011 the provision contract with BT Openreach required M.J. Quinn to quickly mobilise a workforce of 100 engineers in specific locations across the United Kingdom. This meant providing engineers with the capability and equipment to meet BT’s exacting standards on a consistent basis to work in customer premises as well as on the outside line equipment.

This requirement quickly grew as the demand for new lines on Openreach increased through Sky, Orange and BT and M.J. Quinn grew the workforce on this contract to over 400 engineers who were both flexible and mobile to meet the varying customer’s requirements in terms of volume and location. The company expertise in establishing a state of the art control centre that could readily interface with Openreach’s own controls and its performance in terms of quality and safety, convinced BT to extend the agreement when they needed extra resources to cope with the extremes of the British weather.

The contract requires M.J. Quinn to connect new or returning customers to the Openreach network by providing new lines or reconnecting existing ones. This could entail running a wire from the pole to the building and providing termination points in the premises, possibly including extensions, additionally there may be a requirement for jumpering in the street cabinet or on the frame within the exchange.

M.J. Quinn has worked with BT to provide solutions to issues such as no pick-ups (NPU’s) due to unavailability of dial tone or restrictions on climbing poles. This has included actions such as the provision of platform vehicles and the support of exchange accredited engineers. To date, it is believed that both Openreach and M.J. Quinn are pleased with the contract and the manner in which their teams have worked together to generate improvements and the customers experience. This is now seen as a technically competent, customer focussed, cost effective solution to support Openreach as it utilises its own workforce on the repair activities that require dedicated attention.