BT Openreach


Openreach is the network infrastructure arm of BT Group. Created in 2005 as a result of Ofcom’s Strategic Telecoms Review, Openreach provides the local access network nationally, the infrastructure that delivers the data, broadband and voice services to each home and business throughout the UK, sometimes referred to as the ‘first mile’. Openreach are obliged to provide equivalence of access to Communication Providers (CP) and operate the implementation and provision of new services to residential and business customers on behalf of CPs.

Business Need

Openreach have undertaken a £2.5 billion programme to make superfast Broadband available to two thirds of the UK by 2014. The Next Generation Access (NGA) Programme places huge pressures upon Openreach Field Operations units who also are responsible, amongst other things, for Simple Provisioning. This is the activity of providing a new connection to a residential premise for voice or broadband and is one of the foundation stones upon which Openreach’s business is built.

As a result of the increasing demand for new broadband connections, Openreach sought to increase the available resources to complete this activity and engaged M.J. Quinn to partake in this work.


The Telecoms Division of M.J. Quinn agreed a Framework Agreement with Openreach for a period of two years. The framework agreement provides assurances to both parties regarding the availability of trained staff and the costs of jobs, along with the likely volumes of work. M.J. Quinn set up a new team specifically for this contract. Managed centrally from our head office in Liverpool, the number of field engineers engaged in this workstream has grown from 100 in Mar 2011 to 450 in Jan 2012. During this time, we have deployed our field team nationally, at short mobilisation notice to meet peaks in demand for Provisioning resources.

The volume of work is managed using a combination of Microsoft Dynamics 2011, Sharepoint 2010 and Samsung Galaxy tablets as remote client devices. Each engineer has the ability to read from a handheld device all the details which he requires in order to complete the work on site. Delivering an average of 4 jobs per engineer per day, our dedicated team has completed a total of 76,000 jobs on behalf of Openreach since inception.


The successful relationship with M.J. Quinn has delivered a number of benefits to Openreach:


M.J. Quinn has the ability to flex the number of Field engineers up and down and to move those engineers geographically in order to meet demand peaks. Typical time to deploy a new team to a new region is 3 working days


Under the terms of the Framework Agreement, the cost to Openreach is fixed and therefore forecastable for the term of the Contract.

Skilled Expertise

M.J. Quinn undertake to train all engineers employed on this contract to an agreed set of standards laid down by our client. Each Engineer is certified by an Openreach accredited training provider. The quality of our engineers is recognised by Openreach as we consistently achieve a better than 96% Quality Score nationally.

Focus on Core Skills

By outsourcing a portion of the Provisioning work to M.J. Quinn, Openreach have been able to deploy direct labour onto the national rollout of the NGA Programme. This ensures that Openreach has a direct labour force which is becoming current with the next generation technology as it deploys.