Talk Talk: Eco Cool

M.J. Quinn Integrated services undertook the supply and installation of a new innovative refrigerant free N+1 Evaporated cooling system for Talk Talk at Brinell House, Irlam Manchester. The new evaporative cooling system works involved the installation of four Eco cooling evaporative coolers on the roof, replacing an existing ten DX A/C system in the communication & data room at Brinell House. The four coolers are located on the roof and have a system of ventilation ducts supplying and extracting from the communication / data room below. The room is used as a test centre for new equipment for the Talk Talk network. Cool air is distributed to the communication and data room via 4No 8Way below ceiling mounted plenums, with return air extracted using the ceiling void as a plenum. The system facilitates re-circulation of the return air when possible to maintain the correct room environment.

The eco cooling units and cascade controls system were supplied by our partner eco cooling LTD, the controls system monitors performance and maintains parameters using a system of dampers which maintains a constant room environment using the environmentally friend cooling system all year round. The room now achieves efficiency of a PUE of 1.06.