Telent – Exchange Build


We have been working for Telent for approx. 18 Months on TTET (Ties, TAM’s & EvoTAM’s) along With ISAM’s

  • Working for Telent for 18 Months
  • Currently 40 Teams ( 2 ,3 or 4 Men per Team)
  • 70 + Teams at Peak of programme.(Currently in dip)

LLU (Ties)

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is where an ISP or CP installs their own equipment in the local exchange. There are 2 types of LLU:

(1) MPF (Full Metallic Path Facilities)
ISP provides both broadband and telephone/voice services over their own network
(2) SMPF (Shared Metallic Path Facilities)
ISP provides broadband only. Voice services are provided by an alternative network (eg BT).

LLU TAM’s (Test Access Matrix)

LLU TAM’s are provided to test the lines and functionality of the in service LLU customers. remotely to help diagnose broadband faults. A suite of various tests are available for the ISP / ADSL Service engineer.


EvoTAM’s are provided as part of the 21CN Rollout across the UK to eventually replace the existing PSTN and ADSL Broadband equipment in all BT Exchanges as well as the Core Network with Newer & More Modern Technologies.

SAM’s (Integrated Service Access Manager)

ISAM is the next generation Ethernet backhaul multiplexer. It can be exchange mounted or located outside the exchange. All current installs are exchange mounted.